Saturday, May 28, 2011

guerilla art

Juliana Santacruz Herrera‘s braided yard installations in Paris

Friday, May 27, 2011

"I adore the simple pleasures, they are the last refuge of the complex." - Oscar Wilde

Back from the concert. Now, I am going to read.


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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day Tripper

"My daughter loves to collect thing from the yard like most children (and I) do. One day she went on a walk with her dad and came home and said "i got you a feather!" in her proudest voice! Much to my surprise, the feather was like none I've ever seen before. It was gray on the bottom and orange on top. An amazing color combo that you rarely find in nature. I thought and thought what I could possibly do with it... frame it... no. I wanted it near me always. So I slid it into my little my little "Day Trip" bottle and now I wear it around my neck. It has become my favorite piece of jewelry... and I have lots of favorites."

by Dawn McDonald of Early Bright


Flowers in hanging glass bottles 
Flowers in hanging glass bottles

last sunday

by Michelle Barboza

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


cloud formations, canon AE1, film
by Chelsea Jade


notes/commentary from the artist

enviornmental portraits

Environments: Artist Justin Lee Williams

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

ships in passing

self-portrait series by Chelsea Jade of Willow Ships 

Urban Renewal - This Into That

"At first glance this Hawaiian print dress looked sort of frumpy and shapeless but then I noticed that it had some nice features that I could work with to turn it into something great. The skirt already had built in elastic so I carefully cut above the waist to separate the skirt. I realized that it was still a bit big so I pinched the excess elastic and folded it over, sewing a few stitches at the side to keep the new waist in place. For the collar, I simply cut it off the dress as neatly as possible."

"Take your favorite pair of denim cut-offs that are in need of a makeover before summer officially hits. Flip your shorts over and prepare to seam rip the back pocket off. Put some muscle into it! Lay your pocket facedown on the backside of some leather skin and trace its outline with chalk. Place your leather pocket where the denim once was and sew it in place. Cute! You can do one or both pockets, and it's also always cute to swap out a couple of belt loops as well using your leftover leather scraps."

This Into That

Fire Island

Roberta Ridolfi.


Photography by Lindsay Josal, Chicago.
Taken with an LC-A+.


night shade

Ashley Smith in Numéro.