Sunday, February 27, 2011

"_______ " will "_________"

somday life will be good to you - anonymous

be not afraid of darkness; it will reveal yourself to you - megan

one day i will seduce you - anonymous

someday i will surpass you - anonymous

the uncertainty of life will always astonish you - anonymous

sometimes life will seem to destroy you, but you are strong enough to overwhelm it. why? because you are you - dangerd

someday you will find your soul you - anonymous

in all your nothing, your something will make all of those nothings feel like somethings to you - anonymous

questions will inspire you - anonymous

someday, somewhere, someone will see you for who you are and kiss you - anonymous

time will tell you - anonymous

i will always regret what i did with you. you changed me and i will never forgive you - anonymous

i will never be able to escape from you - anonymous

sadness will cripple you - mk
"___ will ___ you"
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