Tuesday, December 1, 2009

list 1.

compiling a list of good photography magazines (that aren't just ads for nikon and cannon)
and thinking
how nice it would be if i could actually buy the things and support

click name to go to website..

shots magazine
much conceptual, vintage, indie type work.(:

fancy-shmancy. for the pros
UK photography mag. features a couple of photographers per quarterly issue, along with a review of their work by well-known authors

"a collection of unexpected photography"
the website itself features a lot of work from various artists as well

it's not only the name of a file, it's the name of a magazine.(;
not only do you get an amazing magazine, you get a loaded website :D
ex.: featured stories (from anything from a photographers story on their set to advice about what to do when people approach you when you're taking pictures of their stuff)
themes open to submission and voting (winners will be in next publication)

tomate de arbol
argentinian visual arts magazine (don't worry, it's translated into english as well)
recently created, so i can't say too much but so far it's got a relaxed indie vibe

posi+tive magazine
no, it's not a boring feel-good pop magazine, its another indie style photography magazine
oh, and it's italian. ;D
this current issue (no.4) displayed sets of pictures created by a photographer (i.e. desicive moment, around, dude&dudette)
i should mention that, unfortunately, they aren't able to translate everything in the magazine
however, the website is in english! <= it's not about the mag really, it had music, fashion, and all that cool stuff(: more lists..

<= has info about magzines of this type which you can submit your work to